Green Clean Septic Aid
kills 99% germs
Septic Aid


A natural septic cleaner and mild degreaser

The Natural Power Of Septic Aid Can Be Used To:
  • Eliminate bad odor
  • Degrade grease and oils
  • Unclog pipes
  • Accelerate the process of decomposition of solid & liquid septic waste
  • Maintain physiochemical balance and integrity within sewerage and septic waste
EM Certified Product

Septic Aid is a biological product that is formulated naturally with sugarcane molasses. It is a brown solution made from the mixing of aerobic and anerobic microorganisms. Septic Aid is made using Effective MicroorganismTM Technology, which is a combination of non-toxic and beneficial fermenting microorganisms that include lactic acid bacteria, phototrophic bacteria and yeast.

Septic Aid was developed to address three critical components of sewerage waste within septic and septic-like structures that include: odor control, bacterial equilibrium and physicochemical integrity of the solid and liquid waste within.

The use of Septic Aid reduces odor and degrades grease and oils in grease traps, tubing, pipes and water ways. Due to its natural composition, Septic Aid does not cause harm to the environment nor to your health.